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Our Roots

The concept for Smackin’ Snacks started back on the middle school baseball field when I got sick of the boring and standard flavors of sunflower seeds on the market.  My father, being a senior executive of culinology at a spice and seasoning company, recommended I start making my own flavored sunflower seeds; so, I did.

While eating these newly flavored seeds in the dugout, my teammates started to realize that I was eating seeds that weren’t from the gas station and they asked me to try them.  The seeds instantly were a success and everyone wanted to get a taste.  I set them down under my glove when I went up to bat, and after I had come back the bag was empty!

From there, I started cooking and flavoring seeds so I could sell them to my teammates throughout the rest of middle school and high school.  During that time, I continued to develop my culinary and flavorology passion thanks to the assistance of my grandma teaching me how to cook.  After seven years of playing around with different flavors, concepts and becoming a master in the kitchen, I am ready to share my flavorful sunflower seeds with the rest of the world!

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Health Benefits of Sunflower Seeds

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Health Benefits of Sunflower Seeds

lose weight by Guilherme Simoes from the Noun Project

Low in Carbs

protein by Shastry from the Noun Project

High in Protein

healthy by Minh Do from the Noun Project

Immune System Booster

vitamins by Made x Made from the Noun Project

High in Vitamin E

fatty acid molecule by Becris from the Noun Project

Essential Fatty Acids



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